Jim Graham is current owner and operator of Sasaki Landscapes, LLC. Sasaki Landscapes was originally established in 1975 by Titsuo Sasaki. Titsuo immigrated as an exchange student to the United States in 1965 from Japan. Jim began to work for Sasaki Landscapes in the 1980's and Titsuo became his mentor. Titsuo taught Jim the traditional art of Zen gardening through his cultural experience and vast collection of Japanese style landscape books. Titsuo met with a tragic death at the age of 54 and Jim inherited Sasaki Landscapes choosing to carry on the "Sasaki" name honoring his mentor's memory while continuing the exceptional Sasaki technique.

Jim has over 25 years' experience in horticulture and providing his customers with exceptional gardens. He is a graduate of the Horticulture program from Mercer County College in 1983. Jim naturally gravitated toward his Zen passion of the arts; he is an artist utilizing Sumi style painting, writes Haiku poetry and is a philosopher. Jim also practices Tai Chi and is a musician; he plays guitar creating psychedelic folk rock originals as well as learning how to play the Shakuhachi bamboo flute. Jim is humbled to thoroughly enjoy what he does.